Sunday, November 13, 2005

Things that I like

Because it is high time that I enumerate those things that I like.

The list of things that i like:

(in no particular order, other than as they come to me)

-fine food
-fine wine
-fine- well, let's save space here and just say that I greatly enjoy those items which can be eaten, drank, smoked, or consumed in general which are of a conspicuous level of quality
-fresh snow
-the way sounds is muffled by snow falling
-being the first to ski a slope
-building anything out of wood
-beating the cash register to calculate my change
-hiking alone through the woods on a raining day in the fall
-splitting firewood
-drinking coffee in the morning
-waking up with the sun
-weekend days in teh fall
-jumping into a cold pond after the sauna
-being at a sports event when the crowd is filled with excitement and is so loud you can barely hear yourself screaming
-sleeping in on a cold morning buried under piles of blankets
-bonfires, fireplaces -- any open flame
-that smoky smell you get all over your clothes after an evening standing around the fire
-anything that explodes in a loud and violent manner
-playing videogames for the entire day, eating nothing but junk food, drinking nothing but soda and beer, and going to sleep knowing that you accomplished absolutely nothing whatsoever during the entire day
-seeing what I have built
-driving at night on an empty road through a rural area with blues on the radio
-hilariously loud farts
-being proven correct after having a disagreement on a fact with someone without any proof on hand
-when cats sit in your lap and purr really loud
-afternoon naps

that's good for now. It's naptime

Read about my meaningless life, peons!

Now we are getting somewhere.

For years, it has been clearly apparent that there has been an element of excitement missing in my life. As you well now know, this excitement comes in the form of posting meaningless, random drivel onto the internet.

Because that is what bears in cars is all about: wasting my valuable time. I'd say that I'm wasting the time of you, my much-maligned reader, except for the facts that (1) if you are the sort who spends any amount of time reading online posts your time is by definition wasted already, and (2) I don't give a shit.

I didn't read the user agreement for blogspot very closely, if at all, so I'm not even sure if this post is going to get the boot for my gratuitous use of swear words. To which I say, fuck it. I am going to bask in my complete inter net anonynity until someone actually reads this. And if you are that special person, here's a little present from me to you: your own personal fuck you.

Wow, this got angry in a hurry. I appear to have some issues to work out.

In any case, now I'm rocking some "content" on my site which will wither here as I ignore it and this spur of the moment decision to get blogging settles to the bottom of my heap of poorly-thought-out failed endeavours.

Let's do this.