Saturday, May 31, 2008

Road Trip, Day 1...

...should have been day 2. But it was foolish of me to have thought I could have moved out of my apartment without spending two full, frantic days tying up loose ends. My original plan was to leave first thing Friday morning, but my plan contained a fatal flaw: it required that I be ready to leave Friday morning.

Not even close. I spent all of Friday, and just about all of today, rushing to finish cleaning out my apartment and packing my stuff. Sometime around the middle of today, I reached the "I don't give a shit" line, and started taking care of both tasks simultaneously by throwing items indiscriminately into the dumpster.

This did help to speed things up.

I finally managed to hit the road by 5 in the afternoon, sore from moving and feeling beaten. I managed to drive as far as Tracy before I saw an In-N-Out sign* and caved in. I was tired, I didn't know exactly where I was going, and I had put *just* enough weight onto the front passenger seat that my car thought there was a person on it and let me know by beeping at me in a helpful and excruciatingly annoying manner.

So I pulled into the first motel I saw that appeared to be hospitable, got a double-double, had a few equalizers**, and hit the hot tub. if I was not going to camp as I should have, I was at least going to enjoy it.

So now, it's off to the hot tub so I can make amends with my back after abusing it so much these past few days. Tomorrow morning I start bright and early, fresh and ready for adventures in Yosemite. Where, presumably, the internet is slightly less accessible. It may be a while until my next post.


*Although I had been living in California for close to two years, I had never actually gotten a burger at In-N-Out. It feels strangely fitting that on my last day as an official California resident, I managed to taste such a uniquely California burger. I had a double-double with fries and a coke, and loved every last greasy bite (granted, I had built up something of an appetite during the day and probably would have loved any food with sufficient quantities of fat and salt. But I digress). It's nice to see that in an increasingly modernizing world, the inside of an In-N-Out does not look much different from the original burger joint that opened up in 1948.

**equalizer. Short answer: a delicious drink. Longer answer: a delicious drink made my mixing bourbon (preferably Jim Beam) and cranberry juice over ice. The name derives from the contrasting effects of the ingredients: the bourbon, containing alcohol, is bad for you because it can hurt your liver; the cranberry juice is good for you due to its high vitamin C content. The two reagents thus cancel each other out, resulting in no net effect on your body. Probably.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Can Do This

Notes while frantically cleaning/clearing out my apartment:

1. I have now lived in several generic apartment complexes. If there is any positive aspect of said complexes, it is this: the y all have the same bland "off-white" paint color on the walls that perfectly matches the color of whatever off-the-shelf spackle I buy to fill holes from nails and tacks. I do not believe this is by accident.

2. I've spent the past week or so making a point of *only* eating food in my refrigerator/freezer these past few weeks, in order to minimize food waste when I move out this weekend. I have learned one lesson so far: I buy too many frozen peas. This of course reminds me of my favorite clip from The Critic.

3. If you like fish, eat sushi. If you really like sushi, go out on a Tuesday night. Rumor has it that the San Francisco fishmonger sales take place on Monday/Tuesday; therefore, the freshest sushi will always be that night. I was at Sushi Man on Tuesday, and had some of the best hamachi and maguro I've had in a while. (Given my now-unemployed status, I probably won't be splurging on sushi for a while. It was worth it, though).

4. If you like fish, and you buy fish, and then choose to freeze it, try to thaw and cook it within a few months of your purchase. Unless, of course, you really, really like chewing your food.

5. Remember note #2? I've been attempting thing for my booze. It's been working pretty well, although I have been showing up for work a bit later than usual this week. It's allowed me to renew my love for the White Russian (or Caucasian, if you prefer the Dude's nomenclature), although there have been some rough bits. For example: cooking wine. Note to self: "cooking wine" is called that for a reason.

6. The adventure starts on Saturday. It will rock.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Road Trip 2: Electric Boogaloo

I haven't updated the blog in a while. I've been busy. Work's been speeding up, I've been doing a lot of mountain biking in the surrounding hills, and I've been sticking to a very strict video game regimen when I am at my computer. But I've got big news, and it can't wait:

I'm going back on the road, May 30. Cross-country road trip, with a northern flavor. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, the Dakotas, skirting around the Great Lakes, getting some proper wings in Buffalo, and then through New York to finish up in New England. That means from here on out, this is my road blog. If you were looking to read about my culinary experiments (unlikely) or my neighbors' sexual escapades (slightly less unlikely), you'll just have to wait. I'll be done with my trip in a few months and I'll be back to blogging about the more mundane aspects of my life.